If you’re looking for personalized guidance on the OptimalWork approach, we offer one-on-one coaching to help you apply it directly to your needs and goals. Fill out the Coaching Inquiry below, and we’ll pair you up with a certified OptimalWork coach.

Why coaching?

Coaching is OptimalWork’s premium offering, guaranteeing an accelerated and deep grasp of our psychology of challenge. Working with a coach allows you to discover things about yourself that you may not otherwise have noticed, and gives you a fresh perspective on recurring challenges. All coaching is conducted with an OptimalWork certified coach. For anyone facing challenges in work and life, coaching is a sure path of growth.

How it works

1. Get a coach

Complete the Inquiry Form below and let us know more about yourself. We’ll get back to you with our recommendation for your coach.

2. Start your sessions

We usually recommend a total of four weekly, hour-long sessions with your coach. These are typically done remotely.

3. Use our online tools to deepen your practice

Your coach will help you make the best use of our online tools, which will reinforce all of the work you do together.

4. Thrive in work and life

Acquire a new momentum in life as you learn to use each challenge to bring out your best. The more you grow, the easier it is to keep your growth going!

Interested? Send us an Inquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can definitely do group coaching! This changes the pricing, and naturally limits the degree of personalized adjustments that can be made, but is nonetheless a great way to grow together. Complete the Inquiry Form and we’ll find the best option for your group!

Of course! In fact, those who have started or completed the MasterClass often benefit the most from coaching, since they can go more in depth and gain total mastery of the OptimalWork approach.

Yes. In fact, the MasterClass and coaching work together seamlessly, as the MasterClass is built to be completed over four weeks, and its curriculum matches the basic structure of coaching.

Yes, you can. Please email [email protected] if you’re interested in becoming a certified OptimalWork coach.