The MasterClass

Transform your relationship to challenge. Overcome anxiety and distraction and find new energy and meaning by learning to work at your best.

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Simply the best approach to productivity and mindfulness.”

— Daniel, Indiana, Student

Discover the MasterClass

The MasterClass is the comprehensive solution to the challenges posed by work. Struggling to avoid distraction and maintain focus? Want to overcome anxiety and thrive on every challenge? Want to work better without sacrificing relationships?

The MasterClass gives you the knowledge, practices, and tools you need. Join Dr. Kevin Majeres for a transformative online program made for you.

A comprehensive solution

The MasterClass has four weeks of content that you can engage with wherever, whenever, and as frequently as you want.

Tutorial Videos

Ten minute introductions to core concepts of the OptimalWork Theory.

Best Practices

Interactive sequences to apply the theory and achieve personal and professional growth.

Exercises & Tools

Structured ways of putting the principles of OptimalWork immediately into practice.

On-Demand Content

Access the content whenever, wherever, and as frequently as you want. Learn and grow at your own pace.

Built for Busy People

The MasterClass can be completed with 15-20 minutes of daily engagement for four weeks.

“My anxiety about the future has nearly disappeared.”

— Carla, Virginia, Relationship Manager

See the benefits from past participants

OptimalWork’s approach is based on a solid foundation of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), the latest neuroscience, and classical virtue theory — in short, the perfect recipe for growth!

Before the MasterClass

“I was feeling a lot of stress and pressure

“I was just very distracted

“my mind was just everywhere

“feeling a lack of control that was not particularly satisfying”

“it was mostly trouble focusing

getting pulled in 15 different directions, the usual, you know, you go and come out at the end of the day you’re exhausted

“you’re never doing everything that you should”

After the MasterClass

“I’m actively trying to find ways to identify ideals and put them into practice”

“the courage and motivation to change for the better”

“I feel so much more empowered knowing I have the tools I need to approach any situation”

“I can say there is more balance in my life now... I work with more focus and intensity, find time to energize, and spend quality time with family and friends

“I... have seen tremendous improvement in every area of life

“If it can work for me, it can work for anyone.”

— Brendan, Minnesota, Lawyer

How to start

1. Sign up for an account

Once you sign up, you will have free access to our tools for one month, and free access to the first four days of the MasterClass.

2. Get the MasterClass

If you purchase the MasterClass in your first two weeks as a member, you’ll get a 25% discount, from $795 to $595.

3. Take it with friends (optional)

In a MasterClass group, you can follow and encourage each other’s progress, and get a discounted rate of $395 per person. For larger groups, contact us.

4. Thrive in work and life

Acquire a new momentum in life as you learn to use each challenge to bring out your best. The more you grow, the easier it is to keep your growth going!

“There’s no question that this method works.”

— Lena, Washington D.C., Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

The MasterClass is built to take you to mastery of OptimalWork in just four weeks. Each day begins with 15-20 minutes of video content that helps you to craft in a new way your next hour of work. Most of the time spent in the MasterClass really takes place in your own work.

No. All of the MasterClass content is on-demand, so you can engage with it whenever, wherever, and as frequently as you want.

Yes, the MasterClass is built to resemble the experience of one-on-one coaching, and it includes personalized content based on your input.

Whether with your friends, team, or institution, we offer many avenues for growing together. We offer group discounts; a group experience for those who take the MasterClass together; and custom services for organizations. Fill out an inquiry on our Organizations page if you want to bring OptimalWork to a larger group.

The MasterClass provides the comprehensive theory and framework that bring the online tools to life. The MasterClass includes 400+ minutes of video content from Dr. Majeres, guidance on best practices, and the possibility of working in groups.

The MasterClass includes a one-year subscription to the online tools. At the end of that year, you will lose access to both the tools and the MasterClass. As long as you renew your subscription for the tools, however, you will forever keep your access to the MasterClass.

The MasterClass is for both students and professionals. Although specific strategies may differ between these groups, the same principles still fully apply. Besides, the challenges that professionals meet in their ordinary work are usually a continuation of the challenges experienced earlier in life.

Please send us an Inquiry from the Organizations page.

With a MasterClass group, you can purchase access for the other members. We can also work with you if you have something else in mind: please contact us at [email protected].

Yes, sign up for the free, 30-day trial (no credit card needed) and you’ll get a free preview of the first four days of the MasterClass. (You’ll also have unlimited access to our online tools during this time.)