The MasterClass

Learn the science of mastering challenge in work and life.
We‘ll teach you our approach from start to finish in four weeks.

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MasterClass can be purchased
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Learn from Dr. Kevin Majeres, recipient of the faculty award for excellence in teaching in psychiatry at Harvard.

Join OptimalWork

MasterClass can be purchased
from within the platform

Our Experience

Our approach has been proven through long and wide-ranging experience.


years of experience


individuals coached


Golden Hours logged


Simple to use, with broad benefits.

Increased productivity and wellbeing. Learn to embrace challenge,
develop creative strategies, and maintain focus. Experience improved
mental health, greater happiness at work, and a deeper sense of purpose.

Integrate professional and personal development, by seeing work
as the hinge upon which personal growth turns.

A flexible program for busy people. The entire program is delivered
online with no need for outside schedule. The course can be completed
in about 20 minutes a day over four weeks.

One-time investment, lasting results. Fully understanding the science
and psychology of work will help you sustain your progress throughout
your life.

The Approach

What happens when common sense, neuroscience,
and philosophy work together.

A comprehensive THEORY
of growth based on the
best scientific evidence

A simple METHOD to
prepare your mind for work,
called a Golden Hour

A robust MEASURE
of resilience based on 24 best
practices, called the Inventory

How We Started

In 2016 we started a pilot program in Cambridge, working with both students and
professionals. Here are the weekly Inventory results of the first cohort:

Participants saw a 30% increase in their Inventory score within the first four weeks of starting OptimalWork. This represents a substantial increase in resilience.

Key Results

Participants made substantial gains in the first four weeks, and the gains
proved stable over time. We noted three key areas of progress:

Past triggers of anxiety were now experienced as
positive opportunities.

Creatively crafted strategies decreased distractions
by producing flow.

Increased use of best practices led to resilience
during times of stress.

Bringing it Online

Now you can have the same experience of growth, with a four week online MasterClass.
Building day-by-day, you’ll get the complete vision of OptimalWork.

Daily videos that
lead you step-by-step

Interactive videos to apply
concepts to your needs

Specially crafted exercises
to help you work better


Check out the first few minutes from two tutorials in the MasterClass.


Before, I never really connected the “what” I’ve been doing to the ultimate “why” of living by my ideals. But now I’m in a mindset where I’m actively trying to find ways to identify these ideals and put them into practice. Not only has my anxiety about the unknown/future nearly disappeared, I feel so much more empowered knowing I have the tools I need to approach any situation. I’ve seen growth I didn’t even know was possible!


Carla, Virginia

There is simply no comparison between any organizational system and OptimalWork. Time is a rare commodity for me, and before OptimalWork I didn‘t know how to align each hour of my work with my highest ideals. Now I can. Organization, consistency, and order do not come naturally for me. If it can work for me, it can work for anyone.


Brendan, Minnesota

Anyone can benefit from this program. I would especially recommend OptimalWork to those that feel most overwhelmed and burnt out from work or those who feel very bored by their work. There is no question that this method works.


Lena, Washington D.C.

This MasterClass is simply the best approach to productivity and mindfulness that I‘ve encountered in print or online. The real value of the MasterClass is seeing the “why” behind the “what” of the OptimalWork approach. This MasterClass won‘t just tell you what to do, it will give you the courage and motivation to change for the better.


Daniel, Indiana

OptimalWork’s MasterClass allowed me to find meaning and pleasure in my work. I can say that there is more balance in my life now. For example, I set a start and finish time to my work hours and workday which ultimately helps me to work with more focus and intensity, find time to energize, and spend quality time with my family and friends.


Shivanthi, Sri Lanka