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OptimalWork is productivity with a soul. By tying my work to my
ideals in a tangible way
, I'm fueled by the purpose behind my work.


Isaiah, San Francisco, Entrepreneur

I used to be anxious and preoccupied all the time. Now I look
forward to being always more in the present moment and
available for whatever comes.


Lisa, Boston, Software Engineer

Before OptimalWork there were moments when I would dread exams,
problem sets, and papers. Now, I keep myself honest, engaged, and
motivated by viewing work as an opportunity for growth.


Juan Carlos, Cambridge, Graduate Student

The poison of irritating everyday duties has transformed
into a vital elixir. My professional life has new purpose.


Ville, Finland, Doctoral Student

OptimalWork gives concrete strategies for living whole-heartedly: the way
most of us intend to live but all too often put off to tomorrow or until a
change in circumstances.


Christina, Wisconsin

OptimalWork challenges you to grow physically, mentally, and
, by focusing on the little details of everyday life.


Zef, Indiana, Student

In my work, OptimalWork has boosted my confidence professionally
and allowed me to foster a deeper spirit of service towards others.


James, Los Angeles, Civil Analyst

Due to burnout, at work I faced anxiety, escapism, dread, ... But after following the advice given in OptimalWork for less than a month, I can look back at the victories I had over those challenges and how much it is helping me grow.


Paul, France, Marketing