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The MasterClass is built to guide you to mastery of OptimalWork’s core concepts in just four weeks. Each day begins with 15 to 20 minutes of video content that helps you shape your next hour of work in a new way. Most of the time spent in the MasterClass really takes place in your own work.

No. All MasterClass content is on-demand, so you can engage with it whenever, wherever, and as frequently as you want.

Yes, the MasterClass is built to resemble the experience of one-on-one coaching, and it includes personalized content based on your input.

Yes, we offer avenues for enabling your friends, team, company, or institution to grow together. We offer group discounts, a group experience for those taking the MasterClass together, and custom services for organizations. To learn more, contact us today.

It’s ideal for both students and professionals. Although specific strategies may differ between these groups, the same principles still fully apply. In fact, the challenges that professionals meet in their ordinary work are usually a continuation of those experienced during their student years.

The MasterClass includes a one-year subscription to the online tools. At the end of that year, you can renew your subscription and maintain access to the MasterClass content and tools.

The MasterClass provides the comprehensive theory and framework that bring the online tools to life. The MasterClass includes 400+ minutes of video content from Dr. Majeres, guidance on best practices, and the possibility of working in groups.

With a MasterClass group, you can purchase access for the other members. We can also work with you if you have something else in mind. To discuss the possibilities, contact us today.

Yes, sign up for the free, 4-day trial (no credit card needed) and you’ll get a free preview of the first four days of the MasterClass, plus unlimited access to our online tools during the trial. If you like what you see, purchase within 2 weeks of signing up and receive a 25% discount.

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You can definitely do group coaching! This changes the pricing and naturally limits the degree of personalized adjustments that can be made, but is nonetheless a great way to grow together. Contact us today and we’ll find the best option for your group!

Of course! In fact, those who have started or completed the MasterClass often benefit the most from coaching, since they can go more in depth and gain total mastery of the OptimalWork approach.

Yes. In fact, the MasterClass and coaching work together seamlessly, as the MasterClass is built to be completed over four weeks and its curriculum matches the basic structure of coaching.

Yes, you can. If you’re interested in becoming a certified OptimalWork coach, email us today.

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