Terms & Conditions

Last modified: May 20, 2018.

Thank you for visiting OptimalWork.com ("Site") and using our products and services ("Services"). By using these Services, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

Our Services

Our Services consist of four main components:

  1. The Elmbrook Professional Inventory ("Inventory"), an original 24-item questionnaire designed by us to help you understand how well you're working and living.
  2. The Work Engagement Survey ("WES"), a standard survey used in the social sciences to establish how engaged with your work you are.
  3. The Golden Hour tool, which takes you through several steps to help you improve your focus in a given time of work.
  4. Our Informational Content ("Content"), which can take various forms (for example, articles, blog posts, videos, interactive modules) and attempts to convey the fundamental principles that we've developed and synthesized from various sources (including scientific literature and philosophy) to understand how to work at your best and how to bring your actions in line with ideals.

Scientific Research

In order to provide the best possible Services, we plan to conduct scientific studies with reputable institutions such as Harvard University ("Research") using the data we collect on the Site (see our Privacy Policy for more information on the data we collect). Briefly, any data we use about your site usage will be anonymized, that is, have any personally identifiable information (such as unique data identifiers, email address, location) removed.

Using our Services

When you fill out an Inventory or WES on this Site or perform a Golden Hour (make a "Request"), you certify that the information you provide is accurate to the best of your abilities. This will ensure the validity of any study we conduct. Only humans can make Requests. Submitting a Request with a "bot" or other automated method is not permitted. If we suspect you of misusing our Services, we will stop providing them to you.

Please consult our Privacy Policy to understand how we collect and use both Personal and Non-Personal information about you.

Opting Out

If you make an account, you have two opt-out options, both offered on the Settings page, after you've logged in. First, if you would like to stop receiving our regular emails, you can change your "Reminder Settings" to "Unsubscribe from reminder emails". Second, if you'd like to be forgotten, on the same page, you can select "Delete Me". Warning: this action cannot be reversed. We will permanently delete your account and all data that has been collected about you, as detailed in our Privacy Policy. Note, however, that in the course of any Research, if any anonymized data regarding your site activity has been copied, downloaded, and sent to researchers for analysis, we would be unable to destroy this data.

About these Terms

We reserve the right to modify these Terms at any time to address, for example, changes to the law or our Services. We recommend that you consult these Terms regularly, making sure to refer to the date of the last modification listed above, to guarantee that you are familiar with the current version.

For questions or concerns relating to these Terms, please email [email protected]