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Your new tools

Our approach applies insights from neuroscience and psychology.


Reframing helps us discover the opportunities that are available to us for our personal growth.


Mindfulness practice roots us in the present moment, so that we can give our family, friends, and work the attention they deserve.


Avoiding challenges always causes pain in the end. To really grow, we need to learn how to approach them.

How we help

Our approach bridges the gap between theory and practice.


Interactive online coaching sessions synthesize cutting edge research in psychology and neuroscience to help you find meaning and develop mastery in your work.


Our original Inventory helps you assess your work and life habits, shows you where you can improve the most, and tracks your progress over time.

Golden Hour

Our Golden Hour tool takes you through the steps needed to attain your highest level of focus in each hour of work.

OptimalWork for Groups

We have a platform for all groups: companies, universities, and whatever else you can think of.

Meet your potential with OptimalWork