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What is OptimalWork?

OptimalWork is a new psychology of challenge that is based on cognitive-behavioral
therapy (CBT), the latest neuroscience, and classical virtue theory. By learning
to approach challenge, you can free yourself from anxiety and distraction and work
at your best. Using our combination of online training and tools, we’ve taught
thousands of people, and helped shape millions of hours of work.

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“OptimalWork is productivity with a soul.”

— Isaiah, San Francisco, Entrepreneur

“I’ve seen growth I didn’t even know was possible.”

— Carla, Virginia, Relationship Manager

“Now, I keep myself honest, engaged, and motivated by viewing work as an opportunity for growth.”

— Juan Carlos, Cambridge, Graduate Student

“It’s like an exercise routine for your work.”

— Rosie, Texas, Student

“The poison of irritating everyday duties has transformed into a vital elixir.”

— Ville, Finland, Doctoral Student

What we offer

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The MasterClass

A comprehensive on-demand course with Dr. Majeres.

  • Exclusive tutorials on core concepts
  • Interactive videos on concrete applications
  • Exercises designed to jump-start each day

Online Tools

Apply our approach to the very moment of struggle.

  • Prepare your mind to focus at your best
  • Flip anxiety into excitement
  • Identify your most motivating ideals


One-on-one sessions with a certified OptimalWork coach.

  • Work through persistent obstacles
  • Uncover hidden opportunities for growth
  • Develop creative strategies together

Check out our podcast!

The Golden Hour is a weekly show hosted by our founding team, bringing you the latest developments in the OptimalWork theory and practice, and answering all the questions you have about applying OptimalWork in real life. It’s a unique source of new strategies and ideas for leading a life of continuous growth.

A great episode to start with:

Also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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Real people,
real results

OptimalWork is productivity with a soul. By tying my work to my
ideals in a tangible way
, I'm fueled by the purpose behind my work.


Isaiah, San Francisco, Entrepreneur

I used to be anxious and preoccupied all the time. Now I look
forward to being always more in the present moment and
available for whatever comes.


Lisa, Boston, Software Engineer

Before OptimalWork there were moments when I would dread exams,
problem sets, and papers. Now, I keep myself honest, engaged, and
motivated by viewing work as an opportunity for growth.


Juan Carlos, Cambridge, Graduate Student

The poison of irritating everyday duties has transformed
into a vital elixir. My professional life has new purpose.


Ville, Finland, Doctoral Student

OptimalWork gives concrete strategies for living whole-heartedly: the way
most of us intend to live but all too often put off to tomorrow or until a
change in circumstances.


Christina, Wisconsin

OptimalWork challenges you to grow physically, mentally, and
, by focusing on the little details of everyday life.


Zef, Indiana, Student

In my work, OptimalWork has boosted my confidence professionally
and allowed me to foster a deeper spirit of service towards others.


James, Los Angeles, Civil Analyst

Due to burnout, at work I faced anxiety, escapism, dread, ... But after following the advice given in OptimalWork for less than a month, I can look back at the victories I had over those challenges and how much it is helping me grow.


Paul, France, Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you start with the MasterClass. It will take you from zero to 100 in just four weeks and prepare you for lasting growth.

OptimalWork is for both students and professionals. Although specific strategies may differ between these groups, the same principles still fully apply. Besides, the challenges that professionals meet in their ordinary work are usually a continuation of the challenges experienced earlier in life.

Yes, we encourage you to fill out an inquiry form on the Organizations page.

Whether with your friends, team, or institution, we offer many avenues for growing together. We offer group discounts; a group experience for those who take the MasterClass together; and custom services for organizations. Fill out an inquiry on our Organizations page if you want to bring OptimalWork to a larger group.

Essentially, the MasterClass is a four-week training program that lays the foundation for the most lasting growth. It is centered on daily video content that will teach you the key concepts of OptimalWork and introduce you to all of our tools. The MasterClass can be done individually or as part of a group. Purchasing the MasterClass will give you access to all of our tools for one year.

We recommend you take the MasterClass before starting coaching. In our experience, this order allows for a much deeper process of growth. The MasterClass is the most efficient way to incorporate our concepts and best practices. Once you complete it, coaching can help you address the opportunities for growth you may have missed, and help you through persistent obstacles.

By starting a MasterClass Group, you can access the MasterClass for $395 per person, from the full price of $795. We also offer a 25% student discount for the online tool subscription. You can also email [email protected] to request a discount based on special circumstances or needs.

Yes, you can. Please email [email protected] if you’re interested in becoming a certified OptimalWork coach.

Yes we do. Please email [email protected] for more information.