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Learn the new psychology of work and watch your life transform.

Our unique approach is based on a comprehensive theory of growth and a simple and effective method of growth.

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A new theory of growth

Use the latest advances in neuroscience and psychology to transform
anxiety, distraction, and reluctance into meaning, mastery, and focus.


Turn any challenge
into an opportunity.


Settle your mind into
the present moment.


Set clear goals
to stretch yourself.

“It's like an exercise
routine for your work”

~ Rosie, Texas

  • Dedicate a few minutes to transforming the coming hour of work.
  • Overcome the fears and beliefs that hold you back.
  • Master the steps needed to attain flow in your work.
  • Do a Golden Hour at the beginning of each day or whenever you need a re-charge.

Work with focus
and intensity

  • See the task as a whole, so you can improve your strategy for it.
  • Put 100% of your attention into the next step of the task.
  • Train your attention to pull you through the task with ease and efficiency.
  • Save unfinished steps as a project so you can later pick up where you left off.

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With a Person

Real people,
real results

OptimalWork is productivity with a soul. By tying my work to my
ideals in a tangible way
, I'm fueled by the purpose behind my work.


Isaiah, San Francisco

I used to be anxious and preoccupied all the time. Now I look
forward to being always more in the present moment and
available for whatever comes.


Lisa, Boston

Before OptimalWork there were moments when I would dread exams,
problem sets, and papers. Now, I keep myself honest, engaged, and
motivated by viewing work as an opportunity for growth.


Juan Carlos, Cambridge

The poison of irritating everyday duties has transformed
into a vital elixir. My professional life has new purpose.


Ville, Finland

OptimalWork gives concrete strategies for living whole-heartedly: the way
most of us intend to live but all too often put off to tomorrow or until a
change in circumstances.


Christina, Wisconsin

OptimalWork challenges you to grow physically, mentally, and
, by focusing on the little details of everyday life.


Zef, Indiana

In my work, OptimalWork has boosted my confidence professionally
and allowed me to foster a deeper spirit of service towards others.


James, Los Angeles

Due to burnout, at work I faced anxiety, escapism, dread, ... But after following the advice given in OptimalWork for less than a month, I can look back at the victories I had over those challenges and how much it is helping me grow.


Paul, France