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Have You Heard of Flow?

With practice, anyone can learn to enter the highest state of focus—called flow—at will.

When you're in flow, you're:


You're free from distractions and impulses. You're not worrying about the past or future. You're fully engaged with the present moment.


Your work unfolds effortlessly. All of your energy flows into the task. You're more productive, creative, and you're even more intelligent.


You're living at your best. You fully develop your personality, your talents, and your relationships. You're happy.


of users are now less distracted in their work


of users are now enthusiastic about their work

Enter Flow at Will

The Golden Hour tool will guide you into flow in your next hour of work.

The Golden Hour tool is a sequence of steps that will help you craft your work. In just a few minutes you will:

  • Turn off worry and distraction.
  • Reach your highest level of focus.
  • Bring meaning and ideals into each task.

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"Recently, I managed to prepare and submit a big proposal in a short time. This was made possible by using the Golden Hour tool."

- Giuseppe P.

"I knew there was more to my work and studies than just chugging on until the weekend. The Golden Hour tool helps me to see the opportunity present in my next hour of work."

- Rosie B.

"Everyone should be using this program: it saves you time! The Golden Hour tool structures my work and allows me to maintain my busy schedule."

- Zef C.

Maintain Flow with Virtuous Cycles

Your work, home life, and health strengthen one another.

The Inventory is a 24-item questionnaire based on the best of modern behavioral psychology. In just a few minutes, it will help you:

  • Evaluate the biological, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of your life.
  • Identify roadblocks that may be holding you back.
  • Get personalized advice on how to grow.

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of users are now happy with the amount of free time they have


of users now rarely rush to finish their work

"I used to be anxious and preoccupied all the time. Now I look forward to being always more in the present moment and available for whatever comes."

- Lisa G.

"Before OptimalWork, I often ended up crawling to the finish line at the end of the work day. OW has boosted my confidence professionally and allowed me to foster a deeper spirit of service towards others."

- James H.

"I used to work late into the night studying for my college exams. Now, my workday is a series of high intensity sprints that end much earlier."

- Noah F.

The Science of Flow

You should know...

When it comes to our work, it's easy to get trapped in vicious cycles. If we don't like our work, we can't focus, so we perform poorly, and dislike it even more.

Fortunately, learning how to love our work and focus better have the same solution: connecting work with our ideals. The key is to see each hour of work as an opportunity to grow.

You'll begin by noticing you're more productive, and you'll thrive when things get difficult. With practice, you can discover ways of transforming each hour of work into love and service, and you'll find deep joy.

Kevin Majeres, MD
Harvard Medical School
Co-founder, OptimalWork

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